Dom Prior Gregory, Feast of St Benedict

Feast of St Benedict Sunday 11th July 2021 Saint Benedict, like St Anthony of Egypt, became aware of God’s call and of his thirst for God early in life. He responded with courage and total commitment. In contrast the young man who had come so eagerly to ask Jesus advice had gone away sadly, unable […]

Dom Gregory’s Homily on the feast of St Peter and St Paul

Sts Peter and Paul 29 June 2021 Peter’s Confession of Faith The Confession of St Peter comes at the very centre of the Gospel of St Matthew. The event introduces a tight knit narrative through which Peter’s understanding of the work of the Messiah is forcefully corrected during the week which culminates in the transfiguration. […]

Dom Gregory’s homily on Sunday 27 June

Sunday 27 June 2021 Sunday 13 Year B The Resurrection of Jairus’ Daughter Talitha qoum: ‘Little girl arise, stand, endure’. At Christmas we read the beautiful and powerful prophecy of Isaiah which makes the contrast between all flesh which is like grass, and the Word of God who endures for ever. God created us for […]

Abbot Xavier’s Homily on the Feast of St John the Baptist

St John the Baptist2021 There is a great joy at St John’s birth. There is – or there should always be – a great joy when a new child is born. But we feel from the text of the Gospel the special joy everyone felt on that occasion. All had compassion for Elizabeth and Zechariah […]

Dom Brian-Gerard’s homily Sunday 13 June

Dom Brian-Gerard Kelly’s Homily, Sunday 13 June 2021 Eleventh Sunday of Ordinary Time – Year B 1st reading: Ez. 17:22-24 2nd reading: 2nd Cor. 5:6-10 Gospel: Mark 4:26-34 At this Springtime of year when nature shows forth her beautiful flowering and vigorous growth we have special opportunities to ponder the parables of Jesus on the […]

Abbot Xavier’s Homily for Pentecost 2021

Pentecost 2021 Act 2:1-11 Ga 5:16-25 Jn 15:26-27; 16:12-15 Dear Brethren, may I ask you: ‘Are you friends with the Holy Spirit?’ If you are not, let me suggest you should consider becoming one. I knew once a venerable monk who could spend hours in prayer, just repeating this invocation: “Holy Ghost, my friend; Holy […]

Easter Sunday VII

Easter Sunday VII16 May 2021 Ac 1:15-17.20a.20c-261 Jn 4:11-16Jn 17:11b-19 On his way to the Father, Jesus prays. As He lifts up his eyes to heaven, His heart and His whole being are raised up to the Father. Certainly, there is no distance between the Son and the Father. They are one. They abide in […]

Ascension of the Lord 2021

Ascension of the Lord 2021 When He was on earth, the “Son of man [had] nowhere to lay his head” (Mt 8:20). He was born in a manger. He died on a cross. During his public life, he seemed to be always moving from one place to another, reaching out to new towns and new […]

Sixth Sunday of Easter – Year B

Sixth Sunday of Easter – Year B Readings: Acts 10:25-26, 34-35, 44-481 John 4:7-10John 15:9-17 Over the past week, beginning with last Sunday’s Gospel and for six days altogether, we have been listening to and meditating on the 15th chapter of St John’s Gospel. We conclude the chapter with tomorrow’s Gospel. The Church highlights for […]

4th Sunday in Paschaltide

4th Sunday in Paschaltide25 April 2021At St Cecilia’s Abbey Ryde The image of the shepherd brings a note of tenderness to the conversations Our Lord had with the Jews. Since we are in Paschal time we don’t have an Old Testament reading today, but it is important that we have the prophets and the psalms […]