No 29 Easter 2021

Easter Joy The Cross is the great Christian symbol. It evokes Jesus who died on a cross on the Friday before the great Sabbath of Pessah, the Jewish feast of Easter. Whereas free men condemned to death were beheaded, slaves were crucified. Pontius Pilate had thousands of men crucified. No death was deemed more abject. […]

No 28 Winter 2020

Quarr Abbey Newsletter - No 28 Winter 2020

Angels, Stars and Bubbles He came down to earth from Heaven Who is God and Lord of all; And his shelter was . . . a ‘Bubble’! “Once in Royal David’s City” an unusual visitor arrived. He was man, and also God. There was no place for him in the inn, but a manger welcomed […]

No 27 Summer 2020

Human, Safe and Caring “Stay Safe!” We hear this phrase quite a lot these days. Spontaneously, it seems, we fight the ‘malediction’ of the pandemic with good wishes. St Benedict quotes the Bible saying: “A good word is above the best gift.” It is a good thing to say good words, to ‘say well’, to […]

No 26 Spring 2020

Mary’s Dowry By re-dedicating England to Mary on the 29th of March 2020 and inviting all parishes and faithful to consecrate themselves to Mary anew, the English Bishops have made a very Catholic statement indeed. There is a long story behind this. Back in the Middle Ages, the devotion to Our Lady was widely spread […]

No 25 Winter 2019

God Made Flesh It is becoming ever easier to appreciate the newness of Christianity. We no longer live in times when references to the Christian message were so much part of the culture that it was difficult to realise how fresh and new the Gospel is. Now the contrary is true. Nothing can be taken […]

No 24 Autumn 2019

Unity of Life The man had just parked his bicycle and was taking off his helmet when, seeing me, he sort of abruptly asked: “Tell me, Father: What should I do so that what I do when I am praying in this amazing church and what I do outside become one thing?” – “Good question”, […]

No 23 Spring 2019

The Power of the Cross Jesus is on the cross as the One who loves, and that “to the end”. If it were not for this love, nobody would ever have looked at the cross. But beyond the unutterable suffering we can only gaze at with shame, we perceive the overwhelming love of Christ. He […]

No 22 Winter 2018

Christmas: Peace in Troubled Times Everybody agrees: ours are troubled times. You may take climate or politics, societies or churches, families, couples or individuals: all are obviously suffering turbulence. Hence emerges a confused, but strong aspiration for something, or someone, who can “fix” all this. Sciences and technologies, regulations and laws do not seem to […]

No 21 Summer 2018

The Strength of Silent Love Silence is rightly associated with monasteries. These are generally situated in quiet surroundings and their rather impressive buildings and churches suggest a secluded world to which the noises of the world have no access.