No 19 Autumn and Winter 2017

A Deeper Look Anyone who approaches the Crib of Bethlehem is invited to a deeper look. A simple gaze, or one which is only superficial, cannot see what all this is about – the sheep and the camels, the shepherds and the magi, the couple and the Child, the angels and the star. All these […]

No 18 Summer 2017

Without Fear In many countries on both sides of the Atlantic, elections have recently taken place. New leaders emerge from these democratic consultations, often with a new style, sometimes with new orientations. Each country is offered a renewed, and sometimes unexpected, vision of itself, as deeply held opinions and usually submerged tendencies get a chance […]

No 17 Spring 2017

A Memorial for the Future The death on 16th January 2017 of our beloved brother Dom Cuthbert Johnson, who was abbot of Quarr from 1996-2008, provides us with the opportunity to reflect in this issue of our Newsletter on the years of his ministry among us, as well as to be reminded of many other […]

No 16 Autumn and Winter 2016

From the Mountain to the Crib In the middle of the summer, when the sun is high and hot, the Church celebrates the Transfiguration of the Lord. Jesus goes up to the mountain with three disciples and, as He is praying, His body and His whole person begin to shine with a light that comes […]

No 15 Summer 2016

A Fifth Abbot for Quarr On 11th May, the Community of Quarr elected a new abbot. After the resignation of Dom Cuthbert Johnson in 2008, times and circumstances did not allow the election of an abbot, which requires a two-third majority. It was the task of Dom Finbar Kealy, appointed Prior Administrator by the Abbot […]

No 14 Spring 2016

On Hospitality It is good in winter to make a good fire in the grate. It is good to get together, talking loudly or listening quietly to the music of the logs. It isgood to be there, as a family or a community, and to enjoy the comfort of unity and love. It is difficult […]

No 13 Winter 2015

Time for Silence The night was certainly quiet when the shepherds were awoken by the Angels’ song. There was probably not much talk as the Magi drew near to Bethlehem, joyfully looking at the star which guided them on the way. All was even quieter in the crib, regardless of the number of people present. […]

No 12 Autumn 2015

Oasis (Fr. Prior) In our rich Western society where everything is available at any time, provided you are ready to pay for it, there seems to be a growing thirst for authenticity. It is at least what comes out from the portion of humanity we monks can observe in our numerous summer visitors. These seem […]

No 11 Summer 2015

Monastic Networks Just after Easter, the General Chapter of the Benedictine Congregation of Solesmes took place in the abbey of Solesmes (France). Every four years, the superiors of the 24 abbeys which belong to it meet in their mother house, near the river Sarthe, not far from Le Mans. The monastery itself celebrated the millenary […]

No 10 Spring 2015

Guardians of Man The stresses and anxieties of our difficult times can be felt even in this sheltered area of the Island and the Abbey. We are all of us hurt by the violence done here to Jews, there to Muslims, in other places to Christians, everywhere to men and women who simply belong to […]